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      Who is
Fashion Stitch? 

          Fashion Stitch supplies America with the     fashion industries most unique appliqued           clothing available today!  We carry a complete line of appliqued sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatshirt made into cardigans with appliques and the 3/4 sleeve sweatshirts. All of our clothes are designed for total comfort and durability. At Fashion Stitch, clothes are not just clothes, they are works of art. 

How did Fashion
 Stitch evolve?

     Fashion Stitch was established in November, 1979, as a fabric and Elna sewing machine shop.  In fact, we still sell the Elna sewing machines, sergers, and presses.  We make our entire line of clothing with the Elna sewing machines.   In 1985, I decided to make appliqued sweatshirts.  Since then we have expanded to a full line of appliqued clothing. Our designs are considered works of art, therefore they are copyrighted.  I have built my business with unique designs and outstanding workmanship. We are expanding our business designing and making medical scrubs.

     My Family has always been a big help with the business. My grandsons are always a big help when I need them and my sisters, Jerri and Judy, do craft shows. 

     If you ever come to Urbana, Ohio, be sure to stop by and see us.   Urbana is a beautiful small town with some good restaurants and nice small shops.  







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